CASE Is Secure and Easy to Implement:

CASE helps you extract more information from the academic achievements of your applicants, enabling you to make better, more informed recruiting decisions. Integrating CASE into your recruitment processes is easy and secure. With the help of the CASE Platform you have the option to enter degree information to receive our assessments. This service is available under

For longer-term cooperations your applicants can fill in information through a link we supply. Alternatively, you can transfer applicant information to us - also automatically via your applicant-management-system. Together we will find the optimal solution for your company.

CASE Offers New Insights:

Each CASE Report has two levels of analysis that support you at different steps of the recruitment process process.

As a general overview you receive a list of the candidates ranked for overall academic achievement, ranked by the criteria set by the CASE algorithm. We compare all your applicants on a common scale, correcting for the different grading standards applied by different universities. This can be helpful especially when trying to narrow down from a large number of applications, but also in tie-breaking situations.

For a deeper analysis we produce a detailed graphical report on each individual applicant. First we analyze the applicant’s performance relative to fellow students in the same program, using the specific grade distribution earned by other student’s in the same situation. Additionally, we display the individual CASE Score relative to students of other German programs in the entire CASE Score distribution. The extra dimension added by the context provided in the detailed report allows for a much deeper understanding of each individual candidate.