The Team Behind CASE

The CASE team consists of economists with research experience from the universities of Bonn, Maastricht and Amsterdam. The idea for CASE was borne by Dr. Jan Bergerhoff und Dr. Philipp Seegers during a research project about students in Germany in 2012. All team members keep close ties to their old research groups and CASE continues to benefit from the great ideas, criticisms and feedback that only a room full of intellectually curious, knowledge-hungry researchers can deliver. There is nothing quite like it. Thank you!

Dr. Jan N. Bergerhoff, Geschäftsführer (private page)
Dr. Philipp K. Seegers, Geschäftsführer
Dr. Max Hoyer, Partner (private page)


Left to right: Dr. Philipp K. Seegers, Dr. Jan N. Bergerhoff, Dr. Max Hoyer. Picture: Volker Lannert/University of Bonn