Assessing Academic Achievement with CASE

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More than five years of studying:
The longest assessment test in the world

Absolute grades say little about actual performance. The reason is that there are large differences in assessment and performance. Only when context is taken into account, a degree is a meaningful indicator for hiring decisions.

And that is exactly what CASE does: We use large data sets to analyse degrees in context. In this way, we create an objective assessment in order to be able to fairly and validly measure the performance from many years of study in the recruitment process.

CASE Score für Studierende

Certificate for Applicants and Students

CASE offers students and young professionals the opportunity to objectively compare their academic performance

CASE Score für Geschäftskunden

For Business Customers

CASE helps recruiters to find hidden talents based on objective criteria

The CASE Score works as simply as that

CASE Score

Weighting from two information

The CASE algorithm optimizes the weighting of grade distributions and program rankings. This results in the CASE Score, the ideal tool for fairly assessing university performance.

CASE Studies

CASE Studies

The CASE Score has been validated in numerous studies in cooperation with our customers.


Our Partners

CASE collaborates intensively with academic partners

Universität Bonn

Universität Bonn

CASE was founded at Universität Bonn and its development was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology through an EXIST scholarship.

Universität zu Köln

Universität zu Köln

CASE will cooperate with the Universität zu Köln in working on non-discrimnatory recruiting based on CV-information as part of the prject "Fair Artificial Intelligence Recruiting (FAIR)".

Universität Maastricht

Maastricht University

CASE cooperates with Maastricht University on the ongoing study series "Fachkraft 2030".

FAIR Website

CASE leads the consortium behind the research project FAIR, which is supported by the state of NRW and the European Union.

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