A talent pool with the best

We offer students a certificate as proof of their actual academic performance, which they can use for their application documents. In addition, we enable them to be included in our talent pool to offer them access to exclusive career opportunities.

We offer you to share your exciting career opportunities with our members.


CASE Studierenden Zertifikat

CASE offers students certificates for the assessment of
for the assessment of
study performance.


CASE Talentpool

The best students
will be included
in the CASE talent pool.


CASE Talentpool

Unternehmen lernen die leistungsstärksten Studierenden per E-Mail, Telefon sowie bei Karriereevents kennen.


  • Diverse targeting options
  • High reach
  • Copywriting Support
  • Custom landing page for your event

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Participation in CASE events

  • Clearly position and differentiate your company
  • Panel discussion and interviews in speed dating format
  • CVs in advance

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Exclusive event

  • Individual customization
  • CASE takes over entire event organization
  • Guaranteed minimum number of participants

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