The success factor of an external talent pool: How companies can gain an edge through targeted talent management

The success factor of an external talent pool: How companies can gain an edge through targeted talent management

Given the increasing challenges of finding qualified talent due to the current labor shortage, a strong talent pool is a crucial tool for companies looking to hire personnel. A talent pool is an essential resource for efficient recruitment and employee development. Talent pools provide an up-to-date overview of potential candidates with various attributes and qualifications, enabling companies to identify future employees. Recruiters can quickly locate employees who can fill specific positions by searching for keywords.

 Companies have the option to choose between internal and external talent pools .

An external talent pool consists of candidates who are not currently employed by the company and are external to the organization. These candidates may have joined the talent pool through various means, such as applying to job advertisements, employee referrals, participation in career fairs, or registration on the company website. An internal talent pool consists of current employees, former employees, and may also include past applicants. Internal talent pools focus on identifying and developing talents within the organization. They provide an opportunity to prepare internal employees for new challenges and promote career opportunities within the company. The main differences between external and internal talent pools lie in the origin of the candidates and their relationship to the company. External talent pools aim to attract external talents and build relationships with potential applicants, while internal talent pools aim to identify talents within the company and provide them with growth and advancement opportunities.

What are the advantages of an external talent pool?
One can quickly and efficiently write job postings that are tailored to the target audience or use ChatGPT to optimize their job posting. 

Time savings: 
The hiring process is significantly shortened, leading to faster integration of new employees into the team. Searching within a well-structured talent pool ensures that applicants are a perfect fit for the positions they are recruited for. This expedites the onboarding phase as candidates have already been thoroughly pre-screened, requiring only familiarization with company-specific procedures. 

Higher quality potential applicants:
Pre-selecting applicants is an important tool to ensure higher quality. By pre-selecting applicants, employers can quickly narrow down a large pool of potential candidates to identify those with the qualifications and skills that best match the company's requirements. Pre-selection ensures that only suitable applicants proceed through the entire hiring process, saving time for all involved parties and accelerating company operations. Qualified talents registering in a talent pool have a high level of interest and motivation from the beginning. Through pre-selection, companies can evaluate these candidates based on multiple criteria such as educational background, qualifications, and relevant experience, without the need to individually interview each one. This allows companies to accurately assess which individuals are suitable for open positions without the time and effort of reviewing hundreds of resumes or applications. Additionally, pre-selection eliminates unsuitable candidates and provides a solid selection of qualified talents once a new position emerges or becomes vacant. This allows companies to streamline the entire hiring process while ensuring they select only suitable talents that precisely meet their needs and requirements.

Positive impact on employer branding
A talent pool can have many benefits for companies and recruiters, as it allows them to maintain contact with the best applicants and potentially build loyalty. By adopting a candidate-centric approach, recruiters can gain an advantage over the competition, as they are likely to be the first ones offering new opportunities. This also helps to sustain interest in the company, making it easier for employees to find new job postings within their desired organization. In addition to nurturing contacts and building relationships with qualified applicants, another advantage of a talent pool is that companies can track which actions work best when attempting to retain employees in the long term. From creating personalized emails tailored to specific positions and employee types to scheduling interviews, these strategies can help keep potential employees interested in the future opportunities offered by the company. Furthermore, an effective talent pool strategy can be invaluable for long-term success by regularly communicating with interested candidates and keeping them informed about hiring dates or new relevant company information.

Flexibility in staffing needs 
 A talent pool enables companies to quickly respond to staffing needs, particularly in cases of unforeseen vacancies or project requirements. When such situations arise, companies can access the talent pool and hire qualified candidates without having to invest time in extensive recruitment efforts.

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