Successfully hosting digital recruiting events

Successfully hosting digital recruiting events

Digital events have many advantages: they are flexible, there are no travel times, delays are much less likely and organisers can draw from a larger pool of participants. There are many “How-to” for hosting digital events, but especially with online recruiting events there are also some more specific "stumbling blocks" that need to be avoided. And that's exactly what the following 6 tips und tricks are for.

1. Objectives of a recruiting event
There are many different topics for events. However, recruiting events have a very clear goal: They should put young talents in direct contact with interested employers. This makes the setting of the event very specific, which brings the following factors into focus:

• Create enough space for the talents to introduce themselves.
• Offer opportunities for active exchange and getting to know each other.
• Make sure that potential employers can also present their companies and their working culture.

2. Find the right online platform
With an online event, there is no physical venue, which saves money. However, this makes choosing the right online platform all the more important. Make sure that the platform has various possibilities for exchange and interaction to guarantee the success of the event.

Platforms like Gather are particularly suitable for Recruiting-Events. Participants can walk around digitally, play games while waiting for meeting slots or spontaneously get in touch with each other via video chat.

This already lays the foundation for a relaxed and productive atmosphere. It is important to consider these aspects in order to not only keep the attention of all visitors during the event, but also to increase it.

3. The fixed date and time of the event
When choosing a time frame for an event, it is essential to know or anticipate the realities of your participants' and hosts' lives. Are you holding a national or international event? Are participants from other countries invited? Who exactly is the event aimed at? Especially for recruiting events, it is important to keep in mind the available time frames of the target groups. Young talents may be in the final stages of their studies or may have just finished their studies, which can make their timeframes very flexible. These factors have a direct impact on the number of participants, the activity of the participants in the event, attention spans and the perception of your event in general.

4. Promote your event appropriately
There are several ways to promote events appropriately. Make sure you advertise enough, but not too much. Participants want to be made aware of events, but again, if the event is promoted too much, the likelihood of participation decreases. Event promotion can be done in a number of ways, for instance:

Write a blog post and share it on social media
If you are organising a new event, it is a good idea to write a blog post about it. The blog post should not be too long and only contain the most important information. At the end you can add a call-to-action-button to participate in order to further increase the number of participants. Once the blog post has been published, it can be useful to communicate it on social media or to put it in the comments of an application post for the event.

Tips for combining email and social media
Depending on the size of the event, it may be important to combine contacting participants via e-mail and social-media. Send information to your participants via your newsletter, even before the event has been promoted on social media, to create a sense of exclusivity for your subscribers. Once the first information post about your event has appeared with the blog post, it can be useful to include your hosts in posts as well. You can also promote the topic to your channels to reach as many people as possible. After advertising, it can also be useful to create one or two reminder posts. One two weeks before the start of the event and another one week before the event. Of course, this can also be done via email to already registered participants.

5. Technical problems
Online events are naturally more prone to technical problems, which is why it is a MUST to have a rehearsal with all core participants at least one day before the event. It can also be very helpful to have colleagues on call to assist with technical problems in the background.

6. The Follow-up
Another great advantage of online events is that they are easier to measure. Make sure you check your registrations and real participant numbers after the event. It can also be interesting to check the drop-off times of participants in order to identify sources of error. Furthermore, it is helpful to get feedback from both talents and companies. For talents, a short feedback form has proven to be very effective. For companies, it is also promising to plan a video call, so you get direct feedback and also strengthen the bond between the companies.

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