Making Sense of Academic Qualifications: What We Do

Making Sense of Academic Qualifications: What We Do

Applicants bring with them different degrees and different marks from different universities from different years. But is the value of a 2:1 or a First Class Honours in the UK the same in all of these respects? As can be seen in the picture above, this is simply not the case.

This means graduates from tougher programmes may have earned lower marks, facing a disadvantage in their job search despite years of hard work.

This also means recruiters cannot easily use these marks to measure an applicant's abilities. As the best performance indicator for many graduates, this is far from ideal when searching for talent.

CASE software solves these problems by comparing qualifications across these factors to find their real value, scoring in a way which makes finding top candidates easier while making the process fairer for the applicants.

As CASE is easily and seamlessly integrated into your applicant tracking system, this is all done faster than you can make a cup of coffee.

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