Why recruiting events are an opportunity for companies

Why recruiting events are an opportunity for companies

Many recruiters ask themselves how good talents can best be approached and convinced of their own company. Nowadays, other means than a conventional job advertisement on a job board are often necessary to find those top talents who are a good fit for one's own company. One method is recruiting events. These have become very popular, as they are a good opportunity for both applicants and employers. But what exactly are the advantages and possibilities of recruiting events?

Direct interaction between companies and applicants
Recruiting events are a good way for employers to acquire potential employees because they allow direct and personal interaction with applicants. Compared to other recruitment methods, recruiting events give companies a better chance to find candidates with the specific qualifications and skills they need, and also to talk to them directly.
Because employers can choose who they want to meet one-on-one based on their desired qualifications and skills, recruiting at a career event is very effective. In a face-to-face interview, it is possible to find out directly whether the candidate is a good fit for the company. As a result, recruiting events can lead to hires more quickly than in the traditional application process. The personal interviews also have the advantage for the applicants that they can better find out for themselves whether they can imagine working in the respective company.

Stand out from the crowd
While job fairs are usually overcrowded, recruiting events take place in a smaller and, above all, more personal setting. Both the companies and the applicants can stand out better from the crowd. Since there are a large number of companies at job fairs, applicants can be approached by many different companies. 
At a recruiting event it is easier for the companies to stand out from their competition. Recruiting events can help to increase the brand awareness of the company and attract candidates who might not otherwise be interested in the company. By being present at a recruiting event, the company can increase its visibility in the industry.  

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case also offers exciting events in Germany that enable companies to meet top talents. We have five different types of events that cover different target groups: Female Career Brunch, Hidden Champions Brunch, MINT After Work Meetup, Consulting Dinner and Hackathon. In a small, personal setting, students and companies can get to know each other at eye level in a pleasant atmosphere. The one-on-one meetings are planned in advance, so there is a certain commitment on both sides, which is a great advantage. The case events take place all over Germany. 

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case was founded to objectively compare university degrees and to make application procedures fairer and more transparent. For this purpose, an algorithm was developed that compares the final grades of different degree programmes and universities and enriches them with findings from intelligence and personality tests. In addition, we have also built up an extensive talent network.