Combining work and holiday: Why Workation is becoming more popular

Combining work and holiday: Why Workation is becoming more popular

In this day and age, everyday working life no longer takes place solely in the office. Hybrid and home office models theoretically allow many people to work from anywhere. Many companies offer their employees the opportunity to work together from a holiday location as part of a workation. However, it's not just working under palm trees on the beach, but also strengthening team spirit. In addition to work, the programme can also include joint activities such as excursions. Thus, a workation offers a perfect mixture of holiday and work. But what are the concrete advantages of a workation?

Working together strengthens cooperation
An important benefit is improved collaboration. Outside of the normal working environment, team members can work together better and get to know each other better. This is especially important when a hybrid working model means that colleagues do not meet regularly in the office or have not yet been able to see each other live. A workstation therefore offers a good opportunity to strengthen togetherness.
Team-building activities also help. The workation offers the opportunity to carry out teambuilding activities that can strengthen trust and cooperation within the team. These can be, for example, group excursions, eating together or other team activities. In addition, working on holiday strengthens the company spirit. Colleagues are committed to a common goal and work together on projects. This can help employees identify more strongly with the company and work towards its success.

Working on holiday
Workation is a good employee benefit to increase motivation and engagement. By offering the opportunity to work in a different place, away from the daily grind and stress, it can help employees become more engaged in their work and increase productivity. For many, a workation offers the necessary "change of scenery" to get new thoughts and find inspiration. Routine work processes can lead to ideas and concepts stagnating. A workation can provide a new thought-provoking impulse and awaken creativity.  

Time out from the office: Perfect work-life balance
A workstation offers the optimal work-life balance. Especially in a home office, it can happen that the boundaries between work and private life become blurred. This can be a strain. In Workation, everyday work can be combined with relaxation. Work and relaxation no longer have to be clearly separated, but can be in harmony. What can also contribute to a better work-life balance is the increased flexibility in the workstation. Employees can better coordinate their working hours and leisure activities and use their time more effectively. 

Overall, it can be said that workation is an increasingly popular working model that offers many advantages. A big plus is the promotion of team building and collaboration. Companies can also benefit from workation by increasing their employee retention and satisfaction, while at the same time increasing their capacity for innovation.

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